Since 2011, North East Vision is constantly working under the leadership of Dr. Sachindra Barthakur as its Secretary and Mr. Udit Bhanu Barthakur as its Vice President. Dr. Sachindra Barthakur was the Professor & Head of the department of Anatomy & Histology of College of Veterinary Science, Guwahat of Assam Agricultural University who opted for voluntary retirement to start his legal services and work against child labour, child abuse and violence against women. North East Vision has initiated many awareness camps, workshops, seminars to enlighten women and children about their legal rights and powers. The organization is also associated with State Institute of Rural Development, Assam in organizing Self Help Groups and National Rural Livelihood Mission Projects for socio-economic development for the weaker section of the society. Moreover, NEV keeps on conducting awareness camps making the people aware about the Panchayati Raj system and importance of Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Gurantee Scheme, 2005 and many others

North East Vision works under the assistance of Snehalay, All Assam Child Rights Forum, Guwahati as well and supports couple of orphanages and domestic violence and other violence affected victims and their rehabilitation centres for women and children. NEV has an outstanding team who specializes in different departments.

The main aims and objectives of North East Vision are as follows :

    1. To provide social welfare services to the common people and try to remove illiteracy problem from the society.

    2. To establish fraternity, civic sense and brotherhood relationship among different sections of people in the society.

    3. To protect & promote our culture & cultural heritage by organizing discussions, competitions & exhibitions etc. And also to encourage traditional artisans

    4. To work for the promotion of Indian classical song, dance, drama etc for the cultural upliftment.

    5. To aware the society regarding drugs & substance abuse, Malaria, HIV, AIDS & various sexually transmitted diseases and helping the common people to prevent these deadly diseases.

    6. To work for the livestock, domestic animals and other wild creatures and rare birds/animals etc. for their basic needs and for safe existence.

    7. To work for the health related issues for the community especially for women & children.

    8. Promotion of science & technology for the betterment of students as well as of the modern society.

    9. To organize various skill development training programmes amongst rural unemployed youths for their future self employment.

    10.Research oriented programmes for the development of Indian traditional art & craft.

    11.Conduct special seminars & practicals and aware the people of North East about various aspects & avenues of tourism so that people can opt it as their profession for their source of livelihood.

    12. Empowerment of women by awareness on gender discrimination and skill development through vocational training.

    13. North East Vision will expand the scope of its activities in future to meet the situational changes.